35’th anniversary

Era Ora has always focused on creative and delicate Italian dishes, with reflection of the purest joy of convivial dining in the beautiful surroundings of Christianshavn. Era Oras cuisine is inspired by Italy’s gastronomic genes which goes 2.500 years deep, and it is an element of the Italian Inner Fusion thatrefers to interactions between the vast variety of gastronomies, within a nation largely rich of food traditions and innovation. Over the years, Italy has been creating a food universe of infinite combinations, that continuously increaseits potential and possibilities...
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On the 25th of October 2018, Era Ora will have its 35 years anniversary, as unique mark for the great passion of the founders and the team behind it, which will continue in the future the legacy of this Italian dream in Copenhagen.

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There is also a spiritual side to the Era Ora story

Era Oras founders Elvio and Edelvita strongly believe in the fact that reality is not always what it seems. It is a knowledge that is cultured when one spends a lot of time in nature and in the kitchen, wondering why the bread, pasta and risotto turns out differently than yesterday even though one have followed the exact same recipe. The conscience about something bigger and more universal than the human being explains Era Oras focus on the food experience as being something holistic that draws upon all our senses.

It is therefore no surprise that Era Ora is decorated with moons and planets that remind us about the larger dimensions in life – about the fact that our realities are governed by things that are out of our own control. And that the universe is perfect in all its imperfection – hence we are too.