27. March 2017


“Never has a price been so well deserved” journalist and gourmand Alfredo Tesio stated when he presented the prestigious Leccio d’Oro award for Elvio Milleri on behalf of the Italian Consortium of Brunello wines of the Tuscany Montalcino-district, Consorzio Brunello.

The consortium was particularly impressed by the portfolio of Brunello wines, and stated that there is no other restaurant in the world holding a collection as large and qualified as Era Ora. Elvio was both proud and humble at the ceremony: “I choose to dedicate the price to all of you out there, all producers of Brunello wine, which does the actual work to conjure wonderful wines. I am just the man, who tasted, and I’ve enjoyed it to the full “, he told the winegrowers, who had appeared at the Teatro degli Astrusi in Montalcino to attend the ceremony.

This was the 25th time for the consortium to host a formal ceremony and present the Leccio’d’Oro price, which honours the restaurants and wine bars, which in proficient manner handles the wines of the Brunello area. Each year the award is given respectively to a restaurant, a wine shop and a wine bar in both Italy and abroad. In this assessment the amount and quality of Brunello bottles from the wine lists and the entire handling of the wine is evaluated.

For several years Alfredo Tesio has been in the jury handling the Leccio d’Oro Prize, and being an Italian with strong ties to Denmark, he was particularly proud to pay tribute Era Ora: “In the 80s there wasn’t any real Italian restaurants in Copenhagen, but fortunately for Denmark, Elvio came and opened Era Ora, which quickly became a gastronomic laboratory from which he presented a true and more authentic picture of Italy. “

For the last previous years the prize has been awarded to foreign top restaurants like Del Posto in New York and Locanda Locatelli in London, while heavyweights such as Ristorante Pinchiorri in Florence and Don Alfonso in Sorrento received the award in Italy. Era Ora can boast of having an impressive 176 different Brunello di Montalcino labels on his wine list, and about 20,000 Brunello wines in the cellar. It makes Era Ora wine cellar to one of the most varied and interesting in Northern Europe, but the numbers alone are not enough: the consortium’s assessment was also based on the quality of wine. In relation to this, Elvio tells about the wines that he and his wife Edelvita Santos have found in Italy and through a close relationship with the winegrower has been handled correctly from the beginning. Most of the wines they found themselves while they were still young, and made sure to have them transported to Denmark under a constant temperature, after which they moved into the Era Ora wine cellar under optimum conditions. There is therefore no ‘vagabond wines’ in Elvio’s and Edelvita’s collection.

In addition to this, should be mentioned the management, presentation and serving of the wine which is under the care of both Elvio and Era Ora sommelier; Elvis Torregrossa. The wine having the leading role at the restaurant can not be underestimated:

“At Era Ora we pair food to wine, not vice versa. We select the bottles when they are at their peak, and in collaboration with our kitchen team, we smell and taste the wine so they therefrom can make the most perfect dishes. In this way, we have since 1983 done our utmost to spread awareness of Italy’s unique food culture in Scandinavia, and we try to contribute every day to the exciting restaurant development, which we are part of in Copenhagen “, says Elvio Milleri


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