9. November 2016

Kitchen team at restaurant Era Ora

In January 2017 a new kitchen team arrived in the Era Ora kitchen. Executive Chef Antonio Di Criscio and Sous Chef Andrea Miacola. A big focus for Antonio & Andrea is teamwork and culinary arts as well as a continuation of the tradition of unique talent development at Era Ora.

Right from its early days the philosophy of Era Ora has been to prioritize balanced and powerfull teams rather than a single chef. Restaurateur couple Elvio and Edelvita believe that the best culinary art is created by a cocktail of talented and hard-working Italian chefs, who is able to get inspired by the exciting developments on the Danish culinary scene and at the same time putting their talent into the Era Ora modern Italian kitchen.

28-year-old Antonio di Criscio grew up in the Italian boot-heel; Puglia and has the love and passion for warm flavours, vegetable proteins and the amazing vegetables in season from the southern sun. Antonio has previously worked at Era Ora, but spent the last few years in Italy to soak inspiration at some of the best three star Michelin restaurants.

Andrea Miacola is also from Puglia and in particular has an eye for Italian food in an international context. He has traveled all over Europe and served his Italian gastronomy, while he shares Era Ora’s vision of good hosting; food should not only taste excellent, but also provide a direct expression of original Italian flavours to the guests.