8. February 2018

San Valentino at Era Ora

Invite your Valentine – 14th of February

Full Moon Menu

Awakening the taste buds
“Cecina Croccante” with caviar
A bite of “Lasagna Alla Bolognese”
“Pizzocchero”, crab, savoy cabbage and Fontina cheese

Turbot, spinach, pinuts and raisin
“Broccolo alla Romana”, tomato, capers and olives
Quail egg accompanied by “Guanciale” and “Taleggio”

The blue sea
“Carabineiro” red shrimp with fennel, tangerine and broad beans

A beautiful night in Rome
Artichoke “Alla Giudia” topped with “Macadamia” nuts and “Radicchio”

Remembering Nino Manfredi
Ravioli stuffed with “Coda alla Vaccinara”

Chef’s Intermezzo
“Gorgonzola and Broccolo Fiolaro” follewed by pumpkins

“La Selvaggina”
Pheasant in harmony with quince and chicory

Sweet italian tradition
“Minestrone” of fruit and vegetables
“Dolci di San Valentino”

The menu adapts daily to high quality Italian fresh products where the free creativity of our chefs generates light, yet satisfying courses.

In case of payment with credit cards, a fee will be charged