With a collection of more than 90,000 bottles of extraordinary Italian wine we can customize the perfect wine tasting for you. The food consists of rustic antipasti and the surroundings are cozy – have a look at our choices of wine tastings below

Era Ora under your skin

Experience our ‘house hold’ signature wines and food indulgences, enjoying 2 white wines in the wine cellar at Era Ora. Continue with a sequences of rustic servings of antipasti and pasta accompanied by 6 red wines in our private dining room Sul Molo, located next to the restaurant.

Price: 1950,- per person. (Min. 6 persons)


The Deep Immersion Galore

Let yourself be carried away by a visit into Era Ora’s secret ‘Magazzino,’ 5 minutes away from the restaurant, where we will tell you the story of Era Ora and 3 tempered white wines will stimulate and prepare your senses to the following 8 red wines and rustic servings of antipasti and pasta in our private dining room; Sul Molo.

Price: 2600,- per person (Min. 3 persons)

Sul Molo

Only the sky is the limit if you wish to customize your own evening in our private room; Sul Molo. Contact us to begin the planning of a night to remember. Our sommelier will guide you through our wine collection and find the perfect match for you and your guests.

Sul Molo is located next to Era Ora.