18. October 2018

35’th anniversary

Era Ora has always focused on creative and delicate Italian dishes, with reflection of the purest joy of convivial dining in the beautiful surroundings of Christianshavn. Era Oras cuisine is inspired by Italy’s gastronomic genes which goes 2.500 years deep, and it is an element of the Italian Inner Fusion thatrefers to interactions between the vast variety of gastronomies, within a nation largely rich of food traditions and innovation. Over the years, Italy has been creating a food universe of infinite combinations, that continuously increaseits potential and possibilities in the world gastronomy.

In the believe that dining at Era Ora should be a complete sensual and intellectual experience, evoking history, culture, memories and emotions, as well as tastes and textures, Era Ora Philosophy aims to give guests unique sensorial experiences.

Started in Copenhagen 35 years ago by Elvio Milleri and Edelvita Santos, as an original Italian family’s trattoria, it has with time, gradually developed into an institution of high gastronomy, reaching an important climax in 1997 when obtaining one Michelin st, now maintained for 22 years, and in 2017 when awarded “World best Italian restaurant outside Italy & Restaurant of the year” by the publisher of Gambero Rosso International.

On the 25th of October 2018, Era Ora will have its 35 anniversary, as a unique mark for the great passion of the founders and the team behind it, which will continue in the future the legacy of this Italian dream in Denmark.


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