The Manifest

Do you know the exact philosophy that lies behind the Era Ora menu? Elvios cooking philosophy permeates the gastronomic context of every sensorial moment of your experience in our restaurant in what he is calling “Italian Inner Fusion”.

Fusion kitchen usually refer to the gastronomic interaction between different countries but the Italian Inner Fusion has origins in the vast variety of gastronomies within its own borders where local history, climate and anarchic minds have created a food universe of infinite possibilities, countless elements and never ending combinations.

Italy’s gastronomic genes go 2.500 years deep and unfolds a DNA influenced by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Barbarians, Spanish and French. All this, combined with the country’s 10.000 micro gastro realities and 3.500 raw materials at disposal, gives a life lasting opportunity of creating fusion within the country itself, reaching into a 3 dimensional box of limitless recipes.

You will meet the idea of Inner Fusion in every dish that executive chef Antonio Di Criscio and his team create in Era Ora where the philosophy gets into creative play by ingredients coming from totally different areas in Italy. Our believe is that a mozzarella from Campania finds its perfect companion in a Umbrian black truffle or that Sardinian lamb loves to be aromatized by Tuscan fennel pollen while a sorbet made of Sicilian ‘cedro’ gives the perfect edge to a Venetian passito of Moscato Giallo.

Italian Inner Fusion is our way of interacting between past and future, local and familiar, tradition and innovation. Inner, not seen as a restrictive space frame, but as an immersion in countless elements and never ending Italian combinations.

In Italian, ‘era ora’ means ‘about time’. And this notion of time is crucial for Elvio Milleri and Edelvita Santos – the Italian/Brazilian couple who founded the restaurant in 1983 and has been drawing its sensorial profile ever since.

Era Ora is the reflection of the purest joy of convivial dining in beautiful earthy surroundings, embraced by Italian atmosphere where deep beauty is not just an aura in the decor but permeates the essence of the food following you trough the whole dining experience.

We believe that eating should be a complete sensual and intellectual experience evoking history, culture, memories and emotions as well as taste and texture. Respect for ingredients, details and the ever ending joy for our Italian food culture has given our team the strength to persist in a sensitive culinary journey through the last 35 years and for the time to come.


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